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The new platform from Mahindra comes with a new Clutch, highly refined Engine, a new front suspension, chassis, Antilock Braking System  (ABS) and front axle disconnect. In addition, Mahindra claims that new multi tuning shock absorbers result in a more comfortable ride and the vehicle now encounters lesser body roll during cornering.


it was seen to have more aggressive and contemporary styling on the outside, along with several technically advanced features on the inside.


Variant           Special features                                         Price

S2                   m2DI engine, 4WD optional                    7.98

S4                   4WD optional                                               8.60

S6                   Available with safety package                9.77

S8                   mHawk engine                                             10.84

S10                top-of-the-line                                             11.46


This Article is Posted on 11 Oct 2014 in Autos Section and Cars