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A Clockwork Orange is a dystopian novella by Anthony Burgess.

Summary of the Book

In a dystopian future, London has fallen into a nightmarish version of its present self. In this land, a group of teenagers indulges in violent crimes for fun. The four teenagers, Alex, Dim, Georgie and Pete, they constantly abuse drugs. One night, they are high on a drug called drencrom, and they decide to go on a spree of violence. They assault a scholar walking home from a public library and rob a store, injuring the owners as well. They then abuse a poor man and fight a rival gang. They follow up the night with a ride on a stolen car, breaking into an isolated cottage. They find a young couple and beat the husband while raping the wife. It is soon clear that nothing is beyond the morals of the gang. The government tries to change Alex for the better, at a terrible cost.

About Anthony Burgess

John Anthony Burgess Wilson was an English writer and composer. He is also known for The Long Day Wanestrilogy comprising of Time for a Tiger, The Enemy in the Blanket and Beds in the East.

A Clockwork Orange was adapted into a hit film by Stanley Kubrick. The movie won the 1972 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation and was nominated for 4 Academic AwardsBest Director, Best Film Editing, Best Pictureand Best Adapted Screenplay.

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