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One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a novel by Ken Kesey upon which is based the Oscar-winning film.

Summary of the Book

“Chief” Bromden is a large half-native American man, one among several inmates at a mental institution. Life at the institution is very rigid, and the inmates are controlled by the head administrative nurse, Mildred Ratched. Nurse Mildred doesn’t like nonsense, and three black day-shift orderlies help her maintain an authoritarian discipline in the institution. No one raises their voice against her. No one dares make a comment, or even try to argue with her. Then one day, Chief notices a strange new inmate among them. His name is Randle Patrick McMurphy, and he doesn’t really seem to be in need of medical attention. Chief is right, for McMurphy is only here to escape prison. He’s convicted of raping a 15 year old girl, and will do anything to serve a peaceful alternate sentence here in the asylum. However, there’s a slight problem. McMurphy has a penchant for antagonizing Nurse Mildred. Both of them are constantly at odds, and soon their conflicts engulf the entire asylum. McMurphy soon inspires other inmates in the asylum to gather the bravery to take on Nurse Mildred. The entire institution rises up against the tyrant and soon, chaos ensues. However Nurse Mildred won’t give up without a fight, and neither will McMurphy.

About Ken Kesey

Kenneth Elton Kesey was an American novelist. Some of his other works are Sometimes a Great Notion, Sailor Song,and Caverns.

This novel was adapted into an Academy Award winning movie starring Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher, and Will Sampson. It was the second film to win all five major categories for Best Picture, Actor in Lead Role, Actress in Lead Role, Director, and Screenplay.

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