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Macbeth is a tragedy and one of William Shakespeare’s darkest plays.

Summary of the Play

Macbeth is a valorous general in the service of King Duncan of Scotland. When a trio of witches flatter him in prophecy, they fuel his narcissism and ambition. They tell him that he will one day become the King of Scotland. Also encouraged by his wife, Macbeth murders the present king and seizes the throne. However, his rule is not without tribulations as he is soon gripped by paranoia and guilt. He becomes a tyrant and kills more people to protect himself from enmity and suspicion. His actions spark a civil war which engulfs Macbeth and his wife in madness and, eventually, death. This play is Shakespeare’s shortest and is loosely based on the lives of King Macbeth of Scotland, Macduff, and Duncan. It adapts their story from Holinshed's Chronicles, a work on history well-known in his time.

About William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was an English playwright and poet. Popularly called “The Bard of Avon”, he is largely considered one of the greatest writers in English history. Among his most famous plays are: Romeo and JulietJulius CaesarKing Lear and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The above play is the subject of much superstition and is often called “The Scottish Play” or “MacBee” to avoid its alleged curse.

Macbeth has been adapted into several films. An upcoming adaptation by Justin Kurzel is currently filming and is due for release in 2015. It stars Michael FassbenderMarion CotillardSean HarrisPaddy ConsidineElizabeth Debicki, and David Thewlis

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