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1. His official name is Hritik Rakesh Nagrath.

2.Hrithik was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age 21. Then, this meant that he would never be able to dance – something he is worshipped for today.

3.In the year 2000, on Valentine's Day, Hrithik claims to have received about thirty thousand proposals for marriage from his fans

4.While assisting his father on the sets of his movies, Hrithik did all kinds of menial jobs like serving tea to the actors and sweeping the floors.

5. Hrithik had a stammering problem since childhood. In order to combat the problem, he took speech lessons and, today, he is one of the most eloquent Bollywood stars.

6. Hrithik admits to having a crush on actress Madhubaala and, later, Parveen Babi during his growing up years.

7.London and Phuket (Thailand) are his favourite holiday spots.

8.One of the most stylish stars of Bollywood, HR recently launched his own fashion label brand for casual clothing called HRx.

9.It was Hrithik’s grandmother who coined the nickname Duggu for him. Apparently, she was looking for a name that rhymes with her son Rakesh’s Guddu. And Duggu is what you get if you keep chanting Guddu constantly.

10.He used to address his late grandmother Ira Roshan as Dida out of affection.

This Article is Posted on 27 Mar 2015 in Entertainment Section and Movies