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For the dosa
Dosa Batter as needed
Oil - as needed
For the masala
Potatoes - 3 
Onion - 1
Green chilies - 3 or 4 
Curry Leaves - 1 strand
cilantro - handful
Mustard seeds - 1/4 tsp
Chana dal - 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder - 1/4 spoon
Green Peas - 1/4 cup (optional)
Close the other side

Making the potato masala
1. Boil the potatoes and mash them coarsly.
2. In a kadai heat little oil, temper the mustard seeds and chana Dal.
3. Add curry leaves, slitted green chillies and sliced onion. Saute it until the onion is transparent.Add turmeric to it.Add 1/2 a cup of water and salt to taste,let it boil.
4.Add the mashed potatoes and green peas to the mixture. Let it cook together for 2 mintutes, Spinkle soome chopped cilatro on top.
Making the masala dosa
1. Pour a spoonful of batter on a hot dosa griddle. Immediately spread it using the back of the spoon using concentric circular motion.
2. Add few drops of oil/ghee/butter on top.
3. Once the first side is cooked, you can flip the dosa or let it cook as it is.
4. Once the dosa is completely cooked add the masala in the center as shown.
5. Cover the masala with the dosa as shown in the picture.
6. Serve with hot sambhar and chutney varieties.

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