Vadu Mangai Recipe | Pickle Recipes | Indian Recipes |

Small Tender Mangoes - 250 gms
Red Chilli Powder - 50 gms
Salt - 6-8 tsp
Rai dhanas  - 1 tsp

1. Wash and wipe the mangoes with a cloth.  
2. In a bharani or glass jar, put the mangoes and sprinkle salt.  Keep it for 3-4 days.  
3. Every day keep on shaking it.  You will be able to see water level increasing day by day. 
4. After 4-5 days, remove the mangoes and mix red chili powder, rai dhanas in it.
5. Mix well. Keep stirring it two to three times a day. 
6. When it is done, you can see the colour change of the mangoes.  W


This Article is Posted on 13 Apr 2015 in Food Section and Indian Recipes