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How to Prevent Depression

1 Eat a healthy diet.
If you may run the risk of getting depression, make sure you eat plenty of vegetables and take vitamin supplements. Eating foods high in fiber and antioxidants helps your body function at its highest level, not only physically but mentally as well. Remember to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
2 Refrain from consuming alcohol or using tobacco or other narcotics.
These substances can alter your mental state and drastically affect the way you handle stressful situations.
3 Exercise  regularly. The recommended amount of exercise is 3 to 5 days a week for 30 minutes at a time. This could be a quick walk,a jog, a ride on your bicycle, or a run around the neighborhood. Even everyday tasks, like cleaning the house, can be healthy activities that count toward the recommended amount.
4 Get plenty of sleep.
Researchers advise 8 hours of sleep a night for optimum performance, but that is not always possible in today's hectic world. Only you will know the amount of time you truly need to function at your best, figure that time frame out and do your best to hit that goal every night.
5 Allow yourself to feel your emotions.
Depression can be caused from not properly dealing with stress. By letting yourself feel the stress and process it correctly, you are able to move past it in a healthy manner so that it does not continue to burden you.
6 Be productive.
Find a hobby or an outlet that helps you deal with the daily stresses of life. Some people choose to write in a journal, others garden, or paint. Think of healthy activities that will help you stay calm and work toward adding it into your life more.
7 Breathe deeply.
By breathing deeply, you are allowing your body and brain to get adequate amounts of oxygen, helping you relax and function better.
8 Socialize  with others. By having a support group of friends and family to openly talk with, you will be less likely to keep feelings inside that can lead to depression. If you do not have support, there are organizations and groups around the world you can turn to for help, some offer help using online resources as well.

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