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Simple tricks for men to grow long hair

Growing and maintaining long hair can be a tiresome act. But if you follow these simple tricks, you can have them easy.

Having tresses of varied length for men is not an easy task, simply because many have never done it in their lives. And it all becomes a matter of practice to grow and maintain long hair. So here are few simple tricks that will help you have long flowy mane.

Set realistic goals:
You need to know your lifestyle first and see if long hair fits in your scheme of things. Go for it only if you think you can maintain them and keep them in good shape. No point having long hair that doesn't look good.

Right tools:
For everything that needs maintenance, you need the tools. So get the right kind of brushes and combs. A wide tooth comb is essential along with a hair brush with soft bristles. Also if you would like to carry a pony tail, then get some nice clothed bands. Simple rubber bands can be harmful for your hair.

Keeping the hair clean is essential. Shampoo and condition them regularly, just see you don't overdo it because that can cause a dry scalp resulting in dandruff.

Dry care:
Drying is one of the most ignored habits. Most men tend to dry them with towel by rubbing them till the hair dries. But that's not the best way to do it as rubbing while the hair is wet can cause hair fall. Just let them dry on their own. That's the best way to do it.

Let them loose:
Tying the pony tail too tight or wearing a hat all the time can damage the roots and result in hair fall again. So do not tie your hair too tight. Even if you do, don't let them be like that for too long.

Maintain health:
Your good health will reflect in your hair health as well. So maintain a healthy lifestyle, drink a lot of water, avoid smoking and taking too much stress.

This Article is Posted on 10 Apr 2014 in Health Section and Men