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Hair dye care .. while

A growing body of every individual under the age of growing signs of age start to appear on.

hair ripen or to become white hair one of them! Not everybody has the white hair.

Then they dye hair to hide the option to choose from.Hair care while we're down ...

1)Hair dye use before it is ear in the background of the test chemical should be.

2) If the hair dye while the white hair cover matches the color of the hair color to select the color of your choosing.

3) there is a need to put socks on hand in the house, get rid of the dye hea.

4) Apply the dye to the hair, and small parts, so that the need to organize all the places, telakombaca for use.

5) The dye is preferably not have to head skin, it should be. Wash the hair with water only make a black dye. Sompu to the next.

6) After the dye hair conditioning is required.



This Article is Posted on 09 Apr 2014 in Health Section and Women