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 Telangana crab spider (Thomisus telanganensis) is named after the newly born state Telangana.

At Nagnur in Karimnagar district ,two  wildlife and taxonomy researchers from the Zoology Department of Osmania University found a new female  of the specieThe species closely resembles a crab spider species Thomisus labefactus - known from Japan. 

“They are important to the ecosystem as they act as bio-controlling agents to keep the insect population under control. They are between 3 mm and 23 mm in size with their colour varying from bright and colourful to dull. They are usually found in plants, shrubs, grasses, flowering plants, leaf litter and sometimes under stones,” he said.

The researchers said the spider had been found only at Nagnur so far.

The study was supported by grants from the Science and Engineering Research Board, Union Department of Science and Technology, and the University Grants Commissi

This Article is Posted on 09 Apr 2015 in News Section and Current Affairs