Lokpal Bill passed in Rajya Sabha, debate in Lok Sabha on Wednesday | | Current Affairs | Techfunky.com

The anti-corruption Lokpal and Lokayukt Bill 2011 pased by the members of the Rajya Sabha today after a debate that took place in an atmosphere of rare political consensus. The Bill will be taken up in the Lok Sabha tomorrow .
Anna Hazare said he would end his fast for a Lokpal law as soon as the Bill is passed in the Lok Sabha , Anna Hazare thanks to the members of Rajya Sabha for suppporting the bill and made it possible to get it passed through .

Anti corruption movement which starts two years back by social activitist Anna Hazare and Mr Arvind Kejriwal social worker came politian is on the way to get its final stage but in this journey as the boths way gets separated , thinking on the bill also got changed and now AAP is saying this bill is not at all useful for people of India and on the other hand Anna Hazare is happy with the ammendements of the Bill


This Article is Posted on 17 Dec 2013 in News Section and Current Affairs