BlackBerry to Be Sold for 4.7 $ billion | | Economy |


The Leading Smartphone maker BlackBerry is to be sold for $ 4.7 billion to the company Fairfax Financial.

New hope for the BlackBerry Smartphone pioneer: The Group has found a prospective buyer.

The investment holding company Fairfax Financial BlackBerry would like to buy business in a 4.7 billion dollar.

Driving force behind the takeover bid is announced on Monday Prem Watsa, CEO of Fairfax Financial. The manager with Indian roots is also the "Canadian Warren Buffett" named after the U.S. star investor with the seemingly unerring sense for the money. Fairfax Financial already owns 10 percent of BlackBerry.

However, the assumption is far from home and dry. First, the financial company wants to study the books of BlackBerry, which she has been praying six weeks.

This Article is Posted on 24 Sep 2013 in News Section and Economy