BJP becomes largest political party of the world with 8.80 crore enrolments | Select | Politics |

Thanks to Narendra Modi and Amit Shah's ambitious drive  the  BJP has become the largest political party in the world with a membership to 8.80 crore. The Communist Party of China was considered the largest party with about 8.60 crore members.
The drive which began in November, touched the 8.80 crore mark by Sunday and is expected to cross 10 crore by the end of this month.

Party president Amit Shah will announce the exact figure at the national executive to be held in Bangalore on April 3-4.

 The ambitious membership drive was Shah’s idea who views the base of active members as a device for consolidating BJP’s freshly-achieved pre-eminence.

Sources in the party said that the new practice of enrolment through missed calls is what has worked over the earlier practice of noting the names of purported members by the block-level functionaries which couldn’t be verified or claimed.

The membership drive was started  by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 1 when he became the first member by dialing the number followed by Amit Shah.
"BJP's 8 crore members crossed," Madhav said last week, adding that the first 10 million were added in 30 days, the second in 22 days and the third in 13 days. He said the party added the fourth such unit in 16 days, the fifth in 18 days and the sixth in the subsequent 21 days. The last 20 million were added in 15 days and eight days respectively.

This Article is Posted on 30 Mar 2015 in News Section and Politics