Xiaomi to have 'Global Mi Phone Premiere' in India on April 23 | | Select | Techfunky.com

i IS Coming!This was the line which we found on Xiaomi Indias website mi.com

Xiaomi India on Friday announced an event in New Delhi on April 23. The company made the announcement via a tweet, which read "i IS COMING. Register for our global Mi phone premiere in New Delhi on 23 April." Xiaomi points users to its India site to register for the event.

The Xiaomi India site further reveals that the event will see CEO & Founder Lei Jun, President & Co-Founder Bin Lin, and VP Xiaomi Global Hugo Barra, in attendance. With that many of the top management due at the event, we expect the products being launched will not be minor - hinting the company will launch its newest high-end smartphones, the Xiaomi Mi Note and the Mi Note Pro. The company may also launch the Mi Box Mini, Mi Box, Mi TV, or Mi TV 2.


This Article is Posted on 12 Apr 2015 in News Section and Select