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When the Android smartphone is stolen or lost, you could previously only locate the device remotely, let the phone ring or completely erase. Now, Google has Android Device Manager adds the option to lock the device with a password or change the existing password.

This should work with all Android devices are equipped with at least Android 2.2. A software update is not necessary, since the required features in Google Play are integrated.Device Manager reaches you through the PC browser and must register there with his usual Android account. Only other requirement is that the Device Manager is enabled on the phone, or tablet in the menu item "security" as an administrator.

If the display of the tablets or smartphones still active, it switches to the Device Manager automatically whenever a new password is set. So you have before the next use of the device definitely enter the password.

In the alternative version of Android CyanogenMod feature has also been incorporated recently. There, however, the remote management works as an account of the CyanogenMod project. Unlike Google, the developers ensure that neither they or anyone else has access to the location data of the devices. To prove the claim, they released the source code of the location function and could prove it by the users.

This Article is Posted on 25 Sep 2013 in Technology Section and Android Apps