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How cool it would be if an android app would let you save money?

This question has a perfect solution i.e. Money Tracker the android app which tracks and monitors how much you spend and on how many expenses !

Money Tracker strikes a sensible balance between simplicity and features. As well as the basic sums, it lets you create your own folders and categories, so you can see where it all goes each month, and more easily define where you might be able to make savings in future. 
MoneyTracker's main purpose is to help keep track of your personal expenses and incomes . We tried to make it as fast and easy as possible as it is meant to be used several times a day.

[Features and Guide]:
1) - You can create your categories of specific kind of expenses or incomes, as there are no predefined categories and you can see more information with long click on each category.

2) - You add a new entry with one click to the category you want. Your Entries can be added with date, time , amount and a comment.

3) - You can create bookmarks with your most common expenses and add your expense to the category you want, without adding the amount or the comment every time. (currently bookmarks support only expenses)

4) - There is a history screen with all your current entries or per category, sorted by day and month. You can see more information with long click on them.
- To get the history for one of your categories, you have to long click on one folder and select [history].

5) - Moreover, there is a statistics screen where you can see many information about your current balance and many more things( see 4th screenshot above).

6) - You can see (pie, bar and line charts) Charts (for different periods of time) to check your progress.

7) - Furthermore, it has a Widget for quick access to the application categories and bookmarks which also displays some basic statistics.

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This Article is Posted on 30 Mar 2015 in Technology Section and Android Apps