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True caller a buzzing app in buzzkidas list has now launched its flagship app tur dialler!Here is its info and link to download it!

Truecaller has launched a new Android app called Truedialler, which provides details of a number you attempt to contact before the outgoing call is placed.

If users are dialing a number for an individual or business outside of their phonebook, they will be able to see the name and a profile photo of whom they are about to dial before they place the call.

Available for free on the Google Play Store, the app is the company’s attempt at making the standard phonebook app irrelevant, allowing users to see the name and profile photo of some they want to call, even if they don’t have it saved locally. The Truedialler app is synced with the existing Truecaller data network, meaning users who have installed the Truecaller app will have their own details visible for others on Truedialler, and vice-versa. The company, however, says it has no plans yet to integrate the two apps into a single unit.

Truecaller globally has 85 million users. This is a free mobile application which shows name of the person calling to the user even if the number is not saved in the phone.

Click to download the app from playstore!


This Article is Posted on 23 Dec 2014 in Technology Section and Android Apps