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1. Nokia 7600

'The connection between design and technology, but surely at that intersection miss the 'comfort' field. So was the terminal whose form was a kind of tree leaf , which attracted a lot of attention. That was more than ten years ago, and I have not seen any. Many criticisms were aimed at him discomfort to manage their keys, both for writing, to reach 1. Also noted for being one of the first UMTS, but if something taught us is that MySpace and Facebook to get the first times only serves to pave the way for the second. And in 2003, he was neither useful nor had networks to exploit.


2. Nokia 7700


It was announced in 2003, in 2004 it had not yet arrived, and was eventually canceled. And thank goodness.The Nokia posed a similar to what would become the N-Gage phone, but more focused on productivity and multimedia connectivity, no games. He was widely criticized for its ergonomic shape so little to be a phone , including having to use it aside to speak for him. Certainly, offered very good for the time it was going to be released as a touch screen 640 x 320 pixels, or characteristic suite of applications that ensure their usefulness in the workplace. The idea did not catch or between its creators, and did not go beyond their first prototypes. Its successor, the 7710, had a less sufficient, but neither was a success.


3. Nokia 7280

The previous version of 7380. Instead of gold and light tones, it came in darker colors with red and white details, which definitely earned him to be nicknamed The Lipstick ('lipstick'). His imprint was that of phonefashion , in fact it was designed by David LaChapelle. Little more to say about the 7380: it was very uncomfortable to write with it, or rather, with its click-wheel and its tiny screen, which also served as a mirror.Included a VGA camera. Very 'mono', yes, but nothing tempting to use in day to day.


4.  Nokia 6820


Perhaps this is the phone closer to the traditional design, but I confess that this terminal yes I fell in love in the summer of 2004, when he had a few months on the market. QWERTY keyboard noted for his swing, his main achievement was to change it without sacrificing adequate thickness of terminal. Moreover, the combination of colors like blue and steel gave an attractive appearance to the terminal, and especially the QWERTY keyboard was most useful at the time of the rise of SMS. Their specific functions keys on the four corners of the square screen, also posed a novelty at the time. Not as risky as the following, but scored no success than others.


5. Nokia 3250


The key is touch screens to suit the circumstances, and can hide the keyboard when not in need, or a different show. Nokia had a similar idea in 3250, and implemented a flip-physical-keyboard showing current alphanumeric keys on one side and media controls (play music and capture) on the other. I do not remember if was very successful, but I remember he had a successor in the same line. Another particular was that I had the camera on the bottom of the right side edge.








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