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As expected, Nokia has introduced its first Android smartphone at the Mobile World Congress.


During conference, Nokia has introduced 3 Android Smartphones. A turning point in the history of the company was committed to supporting Windows Phone against all odds.


Despite rumors circulating on the web for some time the announcement of the Nokia X remains a surprise. Redemption of Nokia mobile Microsoft had virtually condemned the initiative to failure but did not count on the willingness of the group to launch its terminal before the completion of the acquisition. Not surprisingly, we also noted that the Nokia X is available today in a handful of emerging countries and its deployment should be done in the coming weeks.


To be forgiven his audacity, Nokia introduced its Android Smartphones withOutlook OneDrive, Skype and other services of the computer giant will be preinstalled on the smartphone. Users will receive an overview of potential Skypd and OneDrive by being offered one month of free calls to landlines and access to the Microsoft cloud. The interface in turn is directly inspired by that of Windows Phone, the user can pin Apps on the home screen and even resize. Another important factor: The Nokia Store will only access the Yandex Apps Store, which means that the software suite


Google will not preinstalled on the device. In other words, the Nokia X is precisely what would have looked like the

Android Phone from Microsoft if the risk was to launch an Android Smartphone.


On the hardware side, Nokia is the entry level with its three terminals, X Nokia, Nokia and Nokia X + XL, which will be offered to the respective prices of 89, 99 and 109 €.


If Nokia X and X + are equipped with a 4 "screen, Nokia has opted for a 5" screen for the XL model. The three devices ship of Snapdragon processors and supports dual SIM.Photo hand, the Nokia XL will have a distinct advantage over the other two models with the sensor 5 mpx (against 3), and its front webcam 2Mpx.


This Article is Posted on 24 Feb 2014 in Technology Section and Mobiles