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While it has not yet become a name in common usage, Windows 8 itself became one of the most important phenomena in the world of computing. The new version of Microsoft operating system is risky, offers us something different, but it is also riddled with flaws. But if we are using, find out what all it has to give. One of the best ways to leverage Windows 8 is through its application market , which in a sense mimics the pattern of other companies-names-but we will not get good results. 
Today, we will discuss
multimedia applications for Windows 8, ie, apps to play music and video.

TuneIn Radio

We talked about TuneIn Radio on other occasions, but we mention it again on our list of multimedia applications for Windows 8, since it is one of the best options we have. Unlike Plex, with TuneIn Radio does not have the ability to run the application as a window, but also the full screen interface is beautiful and allows us to explore the tracks and stations of a simple and efficient way. The application can be customized to show, at a glance, all our favorite radios.

For those who do not know, TuneIn Radio is an interesting application / internet radio that allows us to listen to different radio stations and customize our user experience. What we can normally access from anywhere now you can really do from Windows 8, with a nicer interface. Actually, if we are previous users of TuneIn Radio, barely notice the change, since the application is intended to make a smooth transfer between the web version and desktop version. It is also equipped with a powerful search engine with which we can search for radio stations based on genre, musical style, bands, and more.


Slacker Radio

If what you want is another radio, Slacker Radio is an excellent alternative. Also as a full screen application for Windows 8, the proposal is quite different from the more traditional approach of TuneIn Radio. With Slacker Radio, we have a specially curated online radio by the "experts" of the team. It also has radio stations created by invited artists who have a unique style. In total, we will be able to enjoy Windows 8 radios 200 divided by specialized artists, styles, genres, and more. The application is available on the web, but when enjoyed fullscreen thing is completely different.

It is ideal for people who want something a little more elaborate, but neither have the time to create playlists.Our account application and can be customized to have a profoundly unique experience. It is certainly one of the best multimedia applications for Windows 8, thanks to a combination of more interesting content curation cross interface. I do not find in any other application, so it is important to our list of added applications for Win 8.



If you are avid watchers of YouTube videos, then PrimeTube is an excellent option to enjoy the full screen of Windows 8. This is not only a way to watch videos on YouTube, but also completely manage our account on the platform. Thus, we can PrimeTube search and watch videos, manage our subscriptions, favorite videos, playlists and save videos to watch later, when we have time. In this sense, PrimeTube YouTube is a client with all the letters, with an interesting interface.

PrimeTube developers boast of having the application that allows access to the elegantly streaming platform world's largest video. PrimeTube is also available on Windows Phone, and aesthetic replica tiles Windows 8, with the exception of treated YouTube videos. It is designed so that it is made to find the content you want to see, but one of their differential values ‚Äč‚Äčlies in the fact that we can save videos to watch later as we could do it directly from the platform.


My Media Center

We close the list of multimedia applications for Windows 8 with My Media Center, a company applying for the Windows Media Center. It is a complete program that allows us to manage and control our media experience, either when we are at home and when we are out. Thus, we can record television programs, films, using the remote control, and more. It also has a gallery of TV and movies, so you do not have to manage these two types of content in one place. In this sense, allows us to be more organized.

On the other hand, it also has more advanced features, such as the ability to manage recordings made from a DVD recorder, not to lose our favorite shows. It also allows us to synchronize between different devices to send content from your computer to your TV, among other things, and one of its most attractive features allows us to turn your smartphone into a remote control.

This Article is Posted on 15 Jan 2014 in Technology Section and Windows