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Emergency Numbers

Police     100        

Fire Force 101

Railway Enquiry 139


Customs to keep in Mind 

Remove your shoes before entering a shrine.
Drinking alcoholic beverages or speaking in a raised voice is prohibited.
Women should always be properly dressed and should cover their head before entering a Sikh gurudwara or a mosque.
When you enter a mosque, you are supposed to step right foot first into the courtyard.
In some Hindu and Jain temples all leather products like shoes, belts, handbags, camera cases etc. are prohibited.
Many temples also expect visitors to purify themselves by washing their hands and feet under a tap or tank available there before entering.
No visitor in a gurudwara should keep his feet pointing towards the Holy Book or step over any one sitting in prayer or meditation.
In a Buddhist monastery always remember to follow a clockwise direction while spinning a prayer wheel, going around the interiors and exteriors of the monastery itself, stupa or Mani wall.
Inside the monastery, cushions and chairs are reserved for lamas (monks). Sit on the steps outside or on the floor.
Incase one gets the opportunity to meet a rimpoche (head lama) or a respected monk, it's polite not to turn one's back on him while leaving.
Also removing the hat and lowering an umbrella within the confines of a monastery is advised. This courtesy is also observed in the presence of a lama.


In Maharashtra, the official and most common language is Marathi. However, both Hindi and English are widely spoken.


It is probably better to ask before taking pictures of people -- while some may be thrilled, others may find it offensive. Some tourist spots such as religious shrines and restricted areas may prohibit photography.


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