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Perhaps no other historical monument has evoked as much awareness and admiration from tourists and travellers alike, as the magnificent Taj Mahal - fondly called by people as the ultimate requiem of love, from a great Mughal Emperor to his beloved.

"Agra is the city of the Taj Mahal and capital of the erstwhile Mughal empire.
Agra is also the gateway to the legendary Braj region, the land of Lord Krishna."

The Yamuna river flows by Agra and this ancient city sets the right mood to embark on a journey on the Heritage Arc.

The Taj Mahal is a shining monument in marble, a tribute to the imagination of a great emperor who gave to the world a symbol of eternal love.

The Taj Mahal gives untold opportunities to the visitor to explore the architecture, stone work, inlay work, marble embroidery, woodwork and other examples of man’s artistic ingenuity that has gone into its making.

  • A visit to this majestic monument is an unforgettable experience and makes you want to come back again and again
  • Get wonder-struck at the awe-inspiring architecture of the Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri, both World Heritage monuments
  • Take a memorable walk through the gardens, the lanes where art and craft take shape the buzzing bazaars
  • Agra’s memorable sights, excellent hospitality, exquisite art and great food give you a taste of the vast attractions that lie beyond
  • Almost next door to New Delhi, Agra is a must-do for those seeking to revisit history.

Just a little beyond the Arc


  • About 55 km away is Mathura, and just a little ahead is Vrindavan, the fabled twin cities of Braj Bhumi
  • The twin cities personify the legend of Lord Krishna, with folklore, cultural traditions and even day-to-day life are embued with a divine presence
  • Amidst the mesmerizing temples, gardens, music, art and dances the legend of Lord Krishna comes alive in all its colour and glory – every day
  • The Charkula dance, Raasleela and the lilting folk music recreate the aura of devotion and love
  • The historical treasures at the Mathura Museum are a window to a glorious past will keep you asking for more.
  • In and around this heart of Braj bhumi are spots and symbols that immerse your trip in spiritualism.


  • Gokul is where the infant Krishna was brought up in secrecy by foster mother Yashoda.
  • Tales of Lord Krishna’s playful antics abound in the lanes of this town on the bank of the Yamuna.
  • It is also associated with Sant Vallabhacharya who lived here for many years.
  • Gokulnath temple, Vitthalnath temple, Dwarikanath temple and Bal Krishna temple are a must-see while in Gokul.


  • The home of Lord Krishna’s foster father Nand, it is marked by the magnificent Nandrai temple that stands atop a hill.
  • Beautiful temples such as Narsingha temple, Gopinath temple, Nritya Gopal temple and Yashoda Nandan temple add to the beauty of this town.


  • The birth place of Lord Krishna’s consort Radha is known for the beautiful Ladliji temple dedicated to Radha.
  • The Prem Sarovar is the small lake where Lord Krishna and radha were believed to have met for the first time.
  • It is also famous for its Latthmaar Holi of Barsana celebrated by groups of men and women in their typical style.


  • Did you know that a cattle fair is being held every year for 400 years at Bateshwar, 70 km from Agra?
  • References to this place are found in ancient scriptures like Ramayana and Mahabharat.
  • Ceilings of some temples still retain original frescos painted with traditional vegetable paints.
  • The beauty of this town is the ghats dotted with a series of temples.


  • A little ahead in the serene green paradise of nature north India’s only Lion Safari is coming up at Etawah
  • Along the Chambal river the National Chambal Sanctuary is home to Gangetic dolphins
  • At Sur Sarovar in Keetham a huge and chirpy gathering of migratory birds will make you forget your fatigue.
Night viewing of the Taj is a life-changing experience For the foodie, Agra ka petha is another must-have as the biryani and namkeen
The annual Taj Mahotsav is a celebration of the city’s attractions with enchanting programmes. Mythology has it that Lord Krishna held aloft the Goverdhan parvat to shield the people of Braj from the wrath of Lord Indra’s relentless rain and flood.



Kheria airport is 6 km from Agra town.


Agra is connected to the major cities of India. Agra Cantt. Railway Station, Agra Fort Railway Station, etc.


Agra is well-connected to the following cities by road: Mathura, Delhi, Chandigarh, Kanpur, Lucknow, Varanasi, Jhansi, Chitrakoot, etc.


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